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With roots in the USA States of Washington and California, I am a consultant to small businesses on Internet Marketing techniques and an expert on how to assure customer retention. Born and raised in Olympia, Washington, USA, 1945, graduated from Olympia High School in 1963, and from Washington State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1967.

Through my experiences, I have developed what I call my Wickabell ™ analysis process which I use to lead business owners to create new concepts and procedures that provide a consistently high level of client satisfaction at a very low cost of ownership. Traditionally one has only calculated the cost of tasks and time to perform the tasks plus equipment and supplies directly related to performing the tasks. 

However, I propose that there are three (3) additional types of costs that in total make up the total cost of ownership:  

1) Rework - due to poor training; 

2) Waste - due to poor planning and communication; and 

3) Changes in Mind - due to a lack of specifications. 

These three additional cost categories may be as much as 25% of the total - not an insignificant amount.  click for more information

I have been fortunate to have lived and worked in International locations in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North America (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Europe now living in Latvia) while working for several international companies including: Leeds & Northrup, Bechtel Power Corporation, Dillingham, Computer Products - Boschert, Hewlett-Packard Company, Acme Building Maintenance through 1999.

I have worked with both small Silicon Valley start-ups as well as Fortune 100 technology organizations like Hewlett-Packard Company. This lifestyle diversity has allowed me to better understand the impact that local culture and traditions have on people’s purchasing habits and expectations.

While living and working in Japan starting in 1969, I experienced the Japanese work ethic and commitment to quality - improving the way of operating a business and processes. Returning to the USA in late 1971, I  became active using Dr. W. Edwards Deming's concepts to manage high volume electronic manufacturing operations starting in 1979.

By knowing more about the potential customer and by anticipating what the customer might want in the future, I believe that the business owner has the time to develop and have ready solutions before the customer even asks. This assures a sense of Customer Delight that keeps customers coming back and back and telling their friends and associates about their delightful experience. 

This understanding how to establish a feeling of Customer Delight combined with the "best practices" in the use of Social Media leads to a powerful set of marketing tools for companies of all sizes.

Drawing on my 45 years of international business and consulting experience, especially in the current world economic environment, I have re-focused my consulting in ways that provides analysis and creative solutions to stabilize, control and reduce the costs of clients' operations. While at the same time working with clients to re-double their efforts to anticipate their customer's needs and find creative ways to assure a delightful customer experience. 

I have also been fortunate to experience firsthand the theory and implementation of Dr. W Edwards Deming’s system of “Profound Knowledge”. Through my direct communication with Dr. Deming; my work experience living in Japan and China; and my experience selling Dr. Deming’s Red Bead Experiment for the past thirty (30) years, I have developed considerable knowledge (theory plus experience) in the Plan – Do – Study – ACT process improvement cycle concepts and techiques.

Founding Michael Arthur Johnson Company in Cupertino, California USA in mid 1984 we provide management consulting and to manufacturer and sell a variety of products and value added services.

I was fortunate to have attended extensive training programs taught by Dr. Deming starting in 1982 and involved in the manufacturer of his famous Red Bead Experiment starting in 1984. 

What's a Red Bead ?

Continuing the emersion into Dr. Deming's management methods into the 1990s expanded the involvement with statistical process control projects and developed ways to utilize the concepts in office and service environments in a form of Total Quality Management.

Began to understand that what is important - get past all the theory and acronyms and actually operating the business using the theory in real life. Perhaps this is what the 6 sigma concept is all about?

In other words, people need to get off the soup box and "walk the talk" or perhaps ...learn to live the talk !

This led to lots of training program development and to the understanding of the concept of Customer Delight.

Produced and filmed professionally scripted train the trainer video combining the Red Bead Experiment and Dr. Deming's 14 obligations (points) of management - entitled Beyond Total Quality management - Learn to Live the Talk !

Was very thankful for having kept in close touch with Dr. Deming on a personal - professional level up to his passing in 1994.

My USA based company provides a wide range of business services and training programs to the worldwide business community. These training programs are available as off the shelf programs in downloadable formats; as professionally taught classroom programs or as self paced online modules.

We manufacturer and sell worldwide the learning tool made famous by Dr. W. Edwards Deming called the Red Bead Experiment.  

Now with the world economy crisis, efforts have been refocused to provide programs and consulting to analyze, control and reduce the costs of clients' operations. click for more information

In December 1999, I relocated to Riga Latvia, in Northern (Eastern) Europe and married Aija Vingolde in 2000. From 2000 to 2011, I was an active principal of Patricia LTD headquartered in Riga, Latvia. The company was founded by wife Aija in 1991, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. I retired from Patricia LTD in 2011. 

In Latvia, Patricia LTD provides extensive English Language travel information for the country of Latvia and the City of Riga and offer a traditional hotel booking service; display photos of Riga and Latvia and provide guided tours to the tourism industry in Latvia. 

In addition, they manufacturer and sell products made from 100% Pure Linen Flax Materials under the Brand Name Healthy Linen Products


Sales to North American locations are 100% safe as all money transactions are handled by USA credit card processors using secure servers located in North America and USA banks - Bank of America - EXCLUSIVELY !


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